Resort Scuba diving on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

resort scuba diving
resort scuba diving

Resort Scuba Diving Liveaboard Packages

Resort Scuba diving on the MV Reef Encounter, a luxury bouquet floating hotel that offers Liveaboard diving packages from Cairns, has a unique program for our guests that have never scuba dived before and or people who are not certified scuba divers

It is based on training program that is called a “Resort Dive”, also known as a “introductory dive” or “Try Scuba” or “Discover Scuba” program.

The Resort Scuba Diving program is designed for those who are thinking about learning to scuba dive but are not certain if they will enjoy it.

An open water certification can be an expensive investment and often those who have not tried scuba diving themselves are not sure it is worth the cost in time and money.

It is often offered at land based resorts to encourage potential students.

This program will give them a preview of scuba diving.


The program is similar to what a student would learn in his first session of an open water certification course and includes a shallow dive with an instructor.

The MV Reef Encounter team has linked a number of resort dives together to create a Liveaboard experience that is equal to the Liveaboard experience an open water certified diver would have.

resort scuba dive
resort scuba dive

Resort Dive Liveaboard Two Day Program

The MV Reef Encounter does not follow what most people think of for the traditional scuba diving Liveaboard.

First she is a first class vessel with 21 luxurious staterooms each with an ocean view, all of her indoor spaces are fully air conditioned with a spacious main saloon that provides space for the 42 possible guest to comfortably dine, as well as a lounge area and bar.

The sun deck has both open spaces for sun bathing and shaded spaces for a cool break from the sun.

resort scuba diving
Relax in our hot tub

The hot tub overlooking the bow is a wonderful way to relax, and a helicopter pad provides options for sightseeing.

She also stays for extended periods of time out on the outer reefs and guest are transferred to her by another vessel.

This arrangement allows guest to arrive and depart on the day they choose, not one dictated by a sailing schedule. It also allows guest to stay one night or longer, entirely on their desires.

When you book the two day/ one night Resort Scuba Diving Liveaboard program you will have up to five scuba dives under the watchful eye of the dive instructor.

Your adventure starts with an early morning pick up at your Cairns hotel and transfer to Marlin Marina for a 7:30 boarding of the MV Reef Experience where breakfast is served.

The MV Reef Experience is a daily scuba and snorkeling tour to the outer reefs by a sister company of the MV Reef Encounter.

The high speed catamaran will depart at 8 am and have you at the  MV Reef Encounter in around 90 minutes.

When you arrive you will have some time to settle into your stateroom and get a chance to do some snorkeling before lunch. After lunch, you will start on the resort dive program.

The resort dive has three components: Theory, skills and the dive itself.

There are a few physics laws that are of critical importance to safe diving. Ignorance of these laws or failure to act in accordance with them can be deadly.

In the early days of scuba diving, the effects of the physics were unknown and as a result diving was very dangerous.

Now that the effect of the laws are known and each diver training on their impact scuba diving is one of the safest sports in the world.

You are twice as likely to get a serious injury playing golf then scuba diving and four times as likely going horseback riding.

resort scuba diving

While the lessons are very important, they are easy to understand and easy to stay within the safe ranges. You will spend about 30 minutes with the instructor on these topics.

The next phase of the training for resort dive is the skills portion.

These are a few simple task that will help you be more comfortable under the water and for you to experience how the equipment works.

They will be demonstrated on board and a dry practice followed by a practice is calm water.

Once you and the instructor are comfortable that you can perform the task, you will have your first dive.

Your first dive will be in about 5 metres of water and possible a little deeper.

This is a good depth to explore the reef and many novice certified divers will complete a number of dives at this depth.

On the outer reefs dives between five and ten meters are the most common depths, so you will be doing the same dive as the certified divers.

The certified diver can either dive with a buddy or pay a guide fee to dive with an instructor.

So your guided resort dive is identical to what a certified diver will have to pay extra for.

After your dive, over an afternoon tea (snack), your instructor will review your dive with you.

After your surface interval, you and your instructor will do another resort dive.

You will not need to repeat the theory or skills portion, it will be direct to the guided tour of the reef.

The next morning you are up early for a sunrise dive before breakfast.

Sunrise is a magical time on the reef and for most divers the favourite time to dive.

The reef is the most active at this time with both the day and night marine life active.

Diving on the Great Barrier Reef at sunrise is only done from Liveaboards, so a certified diver taking a daily tour will miss out on this wonderful opportunity. You will have experienced it.

After breakfast there are two more dives to bring the total number of dives on this one night two days Liveaboard trip to five dives. You can also take an optional night dive after dinner on the first day.

After lunch, there is time for some snorkeling on the reef or a glass bottom boat ride before you board the MV Reef Experience around 3:30 for the trip back to Cairns.

Additional days for this program are available an each additional day will include three dives a day.

If you want the experience of a scuba diving Liveaboard but are not certified than here is an easy way to experience it without the need to be certified.

If your not sure that you will be able to scuba dive you can book one of our snorkel packages and try our free scuba dive demonstration, where we put you in the scuba gear and take you underwater from there you can decide if its for you or not.

If you do feel comfortable you can upgrade to one of our resort dive packages onboard or do one or two resort dives whatever suits you best.