Cairns Liveaboard Your Best Vacation Choice

Cairns liveaboard
Cairns Liveaboard


Cairns liveaboard the Ultimate way to see Australia’s Great Barrier Reef 

You have a combination of sea, plains, mountains and culture to make it unique.

While other locations can give a similar experience they can not really match what Cairns can offer.

One of the reasons behind this statement is that the sea around Cairns is favoured with the Great Barrier Reef.

The largest reef in the world and near Cairns the outer reefs are less than an hour and a half away.

The area between the outer reefs and the shoreline is called a lagoon. Water within the lagoon area is much calmer than the open seas, this gives ideal conditions for boating and sailing as well as many other water activities.

One of the biggest draws is of course the reefs themselves.

The reefs provided an unforgettable experience to swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers.

Day tours to the reefs provide a great introduction to life at sea, however, to truly experience the Great Barrier Reef you need to sleep on the reef.

Cairns Liveaboards Set The Standards

Liveaboard diving vacations has been very popular with scuba divers world-wide.

One of the top destinations has always been the Great Barrier Reef sailing from Cairns.

Many in the diving industry consider the Cairns Liveaboards as the heart of Liveaboard scuba diving. Many of the industries innovations have started in Cairns.

One of the latest innovations is creating Liveaboard packages that can be tailored to fit both the scuba diver at all levels and snorkelers.

Another break from tradition is the length of the Liveaboard vacations.

Most Liveaboards elsewhere in the world are set on seven day sailings. In Cairns the vacationer has a range of options ranging from a single night, Reef sleep program, to seven night programs.

A few of the Liveaboards have even designed programs where you can join the Liveaboard as it is already out at the outer reefs.

This allows the guest to arrive any day and to stay as many days that they wish.

These Liveaboards operate in cooperation with a high speed daily tour vessel which brings out new guest and supplies as needed.

What Is A Liveaboard


In the scuba diving industry and in dive tourism, the term Liveaboard is used to refer to a dive boat that has accommodations on-board and is designed to stay out of port overnight.

Most Liveaboards offer trips that are multiple days long, allowing the diver to reach destinations that are beyond the range of a day tour.

Some of the best dive sites in the world can only be reached using Liveaboards on multiple day journeys. The Ribbon Reefs and Osprey reef are prime examples of world renown dive sites that can be dived only from a Liveaboard.

Both of these destinations are dived by Liveaboards from Cairns.

The types of boats that are used as Liveaboards varies greatly. Each style appeals to different people.

Some may prefer a small sailing type vessel such as the “Coral Sea Dreaming” which is a simple 16 meters Ketch.

It is a really sailing experience with the scuba diver for a maximum of twelve guest. Being a small vessel it is cozy and does not offer many additional features.

The other end of the spectrum are Liveaboards such as the MV Reef Encounter.

The MV Reef Encounter is often described as a floating boutique hotel. She is a 35 metre long catamaran, with 21 luxurious, spacious ocean view staterooms carrying up to 42 guest.

It has a sun deck with both open and covered areas, a helipad, an air conditioned saloon, a dedicated snorkeling and diving area even a hot tub.

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